The agreement sets out the terms and conditions of the subscription service (products/courses/membership/books/events). Services include but are not limited to:
-Stock Investment Books
-Stock Investment Course
-Platinum Member Investment Course
-Technical Chart Investment Course
-Corporate Quarterly Report Course

When you place an order with WEALLTH SP2U SDN.BHD ; click on the "Accept/Order/Pay/Complete Order" link on the webpage, or use the relevant service, that means you are bound by this agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of this agreement, please leave the WEALTH SP2U SDN.BHD. website immediately and terminate the use of related services.

In these terms and conditions, "we/our" represents WEALTH SP2U SDN.BHD.; You will be representing yourself as a website user and/or customer of courses/services.

Account Login

Online lectures, handouts, manuals, self-study course reference materials, homework, coaching videos, co-construction with other service subscribers through the course website, and/or other products/services shown on your order form. If the items you order include online courses or membership website permissions, you will use a unique account name and password, and only you have the permission to read the relevant content.

You are not allowed to share login information, dial-in phone numbers, passwords and protection links with non-members, otherwise you will be removed from the course without a refund.

Payment policy

WEALTH SP2U SDN.BHD. charges for all items will be collected through Stripe, a third-party online payment collection system. Your credit card information will only be used for the order, WEALTH SP2U SDN.BHD. will never retain any related information and will not use it for other purposes.

Before starting the course, you are required to pay the fee first according to the instructions on the order form. The fee may be a one-time fee, a monthly fee, or other recurring fees as applicable. 

Please refer to the details of your order form or order webpage for the course information you are enrolled in. You agree to pay the fees you agree to (including the surcharges indicated on the order form or the order page) and will not cancel bank or credit card transactions. WEALTH SP2U SDN.BHD. is not responsible for overdrafts, refunds incurred by exceeding the upper limit or insufficient balance. According to the order form, the service fee may be paid in advance or in instalments. Failure to pay in fee or instalments on time will result in service suspension or termination.

WEALTH SP2U SDN.BHD. does not guarantee any specific results after using the service; nor does it state or guarantee specific results or reactions.


For any financial information/matters/case study/example mentioned in our website, videos, newsletters, courses or other content, we are making this for education/training purpose, and the company does not guarantee that you will get specific results or make profit after using our ideas, tools, strategies and suggestions. The content on our website is not a promise or guarantee of your future income.

You expressly agree that you are solely responsible for the risk of using any service from our education and training.

After you had ordered any services, you are considered accept, agree, or understand that you are fully responsible for your progress and the progress of participating in the course. We will not make oral or written statements, guarantees about your income, business profits, marketing performance, audience growth or any kind of result. You are solely responsible for your actions and results that depend on personal factors in your business and life, including, but not limited to, your skills, knowledge, abilities, concentration, business acumen, interpersonal network and financial situation.

You must also understand that our courses, websites, content, website landing pages, sales pages, or offers are not scientifically evaluated, and the results of personal experience may vary from person to person. Any summary statements made on our website, courses, content, and discussion sites are purely our opinions and do not guarantee or promise specific performance.

We do not provide legal, medical, psychological, or financial advice.

The brainstorming community of each course aims to allow participants to share and grow together. There is absolutely no inducement (sales or discounts) to other members. You will not sell any courses or products or serve other members including yourself; you must not invite other members to become your social network, group, or course. If you violate these terms. You have been expelled from the eligibility for the course without a refund.

Refund policy

Once payment is completed for any course, there will be no refund (including deposit)

In case of any dispute, WEALTH SP2U SDN.BHD. reserves the right of final decision

WEALTH SP2U SDN.BHD. has the right to change or cancel all course materials and class dates

In case of default or withdrawal of any amount of instalment contributions or breach of any terms and conditions of the contract or instalment plan, WEALTH SP2U SDN.BHD. has the right to recover in case of cancellation or termination for any reason. For the remaining funds and additional interest, students will be suspended from the course and membership without prior notice.

Validity Period

The validity period of this agreement is consistent with that indicated on your order form or order webpage. All courses must be paid in full. Failure to pay for products or courses or services as required by the course will result in the course being terminated before the validity period, and your right to request course content and use services will be terminated. If you fail to pay the fees and still enter the course website or continue to use the service, additional fees may be incurred.

Medical Disclaimer

Products or courses or services covered by this agreement, it is a risk of any content is at your own risk. WEALTH SP2U SDN.BHD. and its employees and agents will not be responsible for any physical or non-physical injuries caused by imagination, cognition, or use of products or courses or services or other content (as part of products or courses or services).

Additional Event Disclaimer

You should bear the risk of accidents during any event, including physical injury or death before, during or after the event. You should waives payment to WEALTH SP2U SDN.BHD., in term of management, venues, promoters, participants and organizers, sponsors and their affiliates or associates, and related personnel, directors, agents, and partners , Employees, service providers and representatives to seek compensation for losses that occur during the event or caused by accidents.

As the event organizer, we reserve the right to refuse entry to the venue without explanation and will not provide full or partial refunds if necessary. The reason is to implement the policies applicable to the activity (including these terms or other posted policies) for the safety and order of the activity (including disrupting order, making trouble, disrespect, destroying or abusing power).

We are strongly recommending travel insurance

Although we do not expect to cancel the event, we strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance. WEALTH SP2U SDN.BHD., assigned personnel, affiliated persons or any related persons will not be liable for delays or schedule changes, third party misses, illness, weather, labour disturbances, natural disasters or any responsible for losses or expenses caused by terrorist attacks, force majeure clause activities, wars, epidemics, criminal activities or other reasons beyond the scope of control. We reserve the right to change or cancel the event without prior notice. If the event is cancelled for any reason, our responsibility is limited to returning the ticket/registration fee collected to the participant.


Nothing in this agreement will be interpreted or interpreted as establishing any type of cooperative project, partnership, employment, or agency relationship.


WEALLTH SP2U SDN.BHD. may revise this agreement from time to time without notice. You agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement and future amendments, which will be announced on the MoooFit Limited website. You should review this agreement during the use of products, courses, or services to detect any changes.


Without the written permission of WEALTH SP2U SDN.BHD., this agreement cannot be transferred. Any intent to transfer will constitute a miss or breach of the agreement and invalidate the agreement.

WEALTH SP2U SDN.BHD. may transfer or transfer all or part of the rights and obligations of WEALTH SP2U SDN.BHD. under this agreement.

Third-party beneficiaries

This agreement deals solely with the interests of the signatory and its successors or authorized agents and does not grant any rights or compensation to any other person or legal person.


If a dispute arises during the execution of this agreement, either party can request the other party's mediation procedure in Malaysia to resolve the dispute by arbitration. Failure to pursue it will not restrict WEALLTH SP2U SDN.BHD. (WEALTH ARCHITECT2U) from seeking injunctions in jurisdictions capable of handling it.

Force Majeure Clause

If a party is prevented from fulfilling its obligations under the agreement for one of the following reasons, and the reasons are beyond the scope of reasonable control, including national environmental or military emergencies, such as fire, flood, explosion, war, strike, embargo, government rules or civil society Or the actions or missed actions of military authorized persons or airlines, transmitters, suppliers, saboteurs or hackers (activities covered by the force majeure clause), the party’s actions will be extended to cover an extended period of time or become incapable due to these circumstances The situation for taking action. However, you must not fail to pay the WEALTH SP2U SDN.BHD. fee you owe. If one of the parties encounters an activity covered by the force majeure clause and cannot make the activity disappear within thirty (30) days. Then the other party can terminate this agreement.


This agreement will be fair, and neither support nor oppose the interpretation of the interests of any party. WEALTH SP2U SDN.BHD. The remedies that can be taken, including those listed in this agreement, are not unique, but are supplements to other rights or compensation methods in the law or balance law.

Binding Force

This agreement is binding on the signatories of the relevant agreement, their successors, descendants, representatives, or authorized persons, and is valid for their interests.

Exempt from Liability for Loss

Under this agreement, any party will not be liable for any accidental, causal, indirect, special, exceptional, or punitive or other losses caused by other parties under any circumstances. This clause still applies even if one party is advised of the possibility of related losses. Although this agreement contains content to the contrary, WEALTH SP2U SDN.BHD. ’s responsibility for your actions in any form is limited to the amount paid. If you have paid WEALTH SP2U SDN.BHD during the course or membership period.

Intellectual property

All materials provided to you under this agreement as part of products or courses or services have intellectual property rights. Without the express written permission of WEALTH SP2U SDN.BHD., copying, photocopying, reprinting, publishing, or Display in any form. Without the express written permission of WEALTH SP2U SDN.BHD., you may not reuse, interpret, modify, transmit, repost, or use the content or other extended works in any form. All trademarks, logos and service marks on the materials provided to you as part of your products or courses or services are protected by Malaysian and international copyright and intellectual property laws in accordance with this agreement. According to this agreement, reading any information or online content or part of products or courses or services shall not be interpreted as issuing licenses or authorized to use related content, including WEALTH SP2U SDN.BHD. and other third-party trademarks, Signs and service signs.

Due to copyright laws and under the supervision of our online system, each member account is only for approve member to browse and participate in online courses. Member cannot share their individual member accounts with others, otherwise WEALTH SP2U SDN.BHD. will charge the course fees again and reserve all rights to pursue.

Terms of Use Agreement

You are agreed to the terms and conditions detail of the WEALTH SP2U SDN.BHD. use agreement.


You are agreed to the terms and conditions of the privacy policy on WEALTH SP2U SDN.BHD. According to our public privacy policy, if you participate in any live event of WEALLTH SP2U SDN.BHD., you are also agreed that the third party involved in the event (ticket agent, venue registration, etc.) may contact WEALTH SP2U SDN. BHD. share your identifiable personal information so that we can use appropriate products and services to provide services to you and other participants.

Any videos, online information/materials sharing, and photos hereby agree that WEALTH SP2U SDN.BHD. and related units shall be royalty-free, global, unlimited, non-exclusive, indefinite and permanent, in any or all Media, any number of times, and any or all methods currently known or invented in the future, freely use part or all of these materials, including reproduction, distribution, rental, lending, performance, display, broadcasting, publicity to the public, alteration, tailoring, The right to edit, modify, adapt, prepare derivative works and other uses of these photos, and freely authorize others to perform any or all of the foregoing.


The disclaimer made by any party who violated the agreement or committed a misconduct will not be deemed to constitute a disclaimer of other or subsequent violations or misses.

The inability of any party to enforce any terms will not be deemed as exempting the party from the right to execute related terms later.

Batch Execution Agreement

If any clause or any part of this agreement is deemed invalid or unenforceable, the rest of the agreement will still be fully implemented and valid. An invalid or unenforceable clause will be deemed to be banned by another effective and enforceable clause that is closest to the intent of the clause.


You are agreed to protect against compensation, maintenance and non-damage to WEALTH SP2U SDN.BHD. , affiliates, affiliated companies and their personnel, managers, employees, agents, lawyers, representatives, or are authorized to deal with you because of this agreement , The person who uses the service or any claim, liability, compensation, loss, loss, damage, cost, and expense caused by the use of the service or any breach of the agreement, including legal costs and any other losses. Violation of the agreement includes violation of your above-mentioned statements and warranties, or any content posted or published during the use of the service, resulting in WEALTH SP2U SDN.BHD. being liable to a third party.

Agreement Cancellation

The following methods are not deemed to be the withdrawal of this agreement, log in to the member area or course website, log in or use the provided services where applicable, or in any way attempt to avoid viewing or extracting the mentioned products or courses or services. These actions will not revoke your agreement or give you the right to a refund.

Overall Agreement

This agreement represents that all parties fully understand and agree to order products or courses or services. Any pre-signed agreements, understandings and statements related to products or courses or services, whether expressed or implied, are not binding or influential in writing or oral.
The curriculum will be revised from time to time. You may receive a notice asking you to sign additional terms and conditions to participate in certain parts of the product or course or service. You may contact WEALTH SP2U SDN.BHD. through phone at 0176699680 to request a copy of this agreement and a copy of the course purchase terms.


If you have any questions about this agreement or any aspect of our services, please contact WEALTH SP2U SDN.BHD at 0176699680.

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