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Value Investing Masterclass

A Beginner Course to Kick-start Your Journey into Stock Market Investing through Fundamental & Technical Analysis

WHICH - Fundamental Analysis
  • 8 Rules of Sector & Company Selection.
  • Discover Company Current & Future Value
  • Portfolio Management
  • Discover Company Health via In-Depth Analysis of Company Financial Position
WHEN - Technical Analysis
  • How to Find a Good Entry Signal?
  • Secrets of Trading at the Best Price
  • Where is the Market Heading to?
  • ​Minimizing Loss & Maximizing Profit thru Secret TA Method.
HOW - Strategy & Emotion
  • 8 Strategy for Buying & Selling Efficiently

          1. Chase High
          2. Cut Loss
          3. Trailing Cut Profit
          4. Top-up
          5. IPO
          6. Margin
          7. CFD

  • ​Market Cycle & Psychology


We believe that investing skills can be learned and can be transferred. 
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